FMST Big Brother/Big Sister Program

The intent of the FMST Big Brother/Big Sister program (BIGS) is to foster relationships between the younger team members and older team members through regular interaction. The BIGS have an opportunity to serve as mentors to younger swimmers and assist them throughout the season in various ways – showing them through action what it means to be a dedicated, supportive team mates and assist the coaching staff in providing additional guidance on how meets, events, etc are executed.

The expectations of BIGS during the course of the swim season are:
  1. Get to know your little squid.
  2. Spend time with them throughout the season.
  3. Assist them during the course of a swim meet – direct them to clerk of course, cheer for them during the events, etc. 
  4. Find at least two opportunities outside of a swim meet to spend time with your littles (i.e. a Sunday afternoon at the pool, bowling, sit with them during lunch after a meet, go to the movies, etc). 
The expectations of LITTLES during the course of the swim season are:
  1. Get to know your big squid. 
  2. Spend time with them throughout the season. 
  3. Support them during swim meets - cheer for them, etc. 
  1. No monetary gifts are permitted during the course of the regular season. One gift is permitted at the conclusion of the season (to coincide with Divisionals, All Stars, or the Banquid) as an expression of thanks. 
  2. During the course of the regular season, hand-made crafts are permitted. Examples of allowable items include: posters, hand-made cards, friendship bracelets, etc. 
  3. Baked goods are permitted as gifts for special occasions such as birthdays that may occur during the season.