Social Activities

Although swimming is a very individual sport, FMST strives to make the season a very social team activity. There are several activities that are sponsored by the team to help swimmers establish lasting swim team friendships. Please help out by volunteering for one or more events. The success of each event is almost entirely due to the volunteers.

Squid Pancake and Bowling Breakfast
The Squid Pancake and Bowling Breakfast is usually held in July (or end of June) following morning practice and is located at the Ft. Myer bowling alley.  There will be 3 session times - which align with practices for each age group.  Parents will need to transport swimmers or arrange transportation from practice to the bowling alley. Supervision and assistance is required for ages 12 and under. Payment by check to FMST $10 (may vary each year).

Team Picnic
At the mid-point of the season, the team hosts a family picnic at Ft. Myer, usually after one of the home 'A' meets. This is a pot luck event which is open to all swimmers' family members. We are always looking for volunteers, so keep an eye out from the picnic coordinator!

Family Fun Meet
After the last dual meet of the season, and prior to All-Stars, the team hosts a Family Fun Meet on a Wednesday night. This event lets parents race against kids and families race against other families. Some of the popular events include:
  •  Noodle drag race - one swimmer pulls another using a noodle
  •  Spoon w/ wiffle-golf ball - swimmer hold spoon in mouth with ball on spoon
  •  Ball race - water polo swim
  •  Penny dive (for for smaller squids -two hundred pennies for the taking
  •  Family IM relay
  •  Clothing-on freestyle relay
  •  Greased watermelon
FMST Banquid
At the end of each season, FMST hosts a banquet at Patton Hall (formally the Fort Myer Officer's Club) or the Spates Club to celebrate the success of each season. All FMST are encouraged to attend. Swimmers often dress up for the occasion!

Bigs & Littles
Being a young swimmer can be very intimidating, especially when around the older swimmers. At the beginning of the season, the coaches assign a big brother/big sister to every swimmer 11 and under. Each "big" is expected to support his/her "little" by cheering at meets, helping at meets, and making littles feel part of the team. Click here for more information.