Photos & Videos

Over the years, our swimmers have been featured in videos through news outlets and even our very own self-produced music videos. The following is a collection of videos featuring our team.

FMST in the News

NBC Washington aired two segments on July 15, 2014: "Celebrating an Active Arlington" and "Celebrating Arlington's History" that featured our very own FMST Squids! Click on the images below to view the videos.
(starting at 1:07). 
Click to view the Squids on NBC Washington

Check out the Squids on TV!

FMST Rap Videos

Starting in 2010, some of our more "artistic" swimmers decided to produce rap videos to honor the Squids. These videos were shown at "private screenings" during the end-of-season Banquid.

2010 FMST Rap

2011 FMST Rap

2012 FMST Rap

2013 FMST Rap

Coaches' Banquid Remix

Occasionally, the coaches get into the action as well. This surprise performance was presented at the 2014 Squids Banquid.

Squids Frozen Remix