General Information

The six teams in each division swim against each other on five consecutive Saturdays in a series of Dual Meets, so called because there are two teams competing. Swim meets start at 0800 AM. If they are held at FMST, we will warmup first and have an arrival time of 0645. If the meet is away, the arrival time will be 0700. Dual meets generally last 3-4 hours.

Each dual meet has 38 individual events. These consist of boys and girls freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. The events are divided by age: 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18. These events are followed by twelve relay events. Two are 8 and under freestyle relays (boys and girls); eight are medley relay events (one swimmer of each of the four strokes), and two are mixed age 200 meter freestyle relays (with one representative from each age group, except 8 and under). Depending on the approval between teams, there will usually be exhibition heats for swimmers ages 6 and under and also 8 and under in the freestyle and backstroke events. A child’s age remains the same for the season and is determined under CSL rules as the age he/she is on June 15. Birth dates are entered into the computer database and children are placed automatically into the correct age group by the computer program used by the league to seed events.

Before each meet, the coaching staff will determine the line-up for the meet and distribute it by email no later than Friday afternoon. No swimmer may swim more than five official events (the IM is not an official event during the regular dual meet season) in one meet, including relays and only three FMST swimmers can swim in any individual event. Because these are scored meets, the fastest swimmers available generally swim. Please be aware that not all swimmers may swim in four events and not all swimmers will be able to swim on a relay. Ribbons are awarded for first through third place.

If your child will miss a meet due to vacation or other family commitment, it is essential that you notify the coach as early as possible in the season. Your coaches spend hours working to put together a lineup that is competitive and if your child is unable to participate, knowing that sooner is best.

There are several things to keep in mind during a meet:
  1. Please do not approach the scoring table to ask about a swimmer’s time or the score of the meet. Table workers are very busy and cannot be looking for results for an individual swimmer while scoring the meet.
  2. You are not allowed on the pool deck unless you are an official, timer, runner, or other meet volunteer.
  3. Try to keep your swimmer(s) with the rest of the team in the team’s designated area. This makes it easier for the Coaches to find a swimmer when it is time for him or her to line up for an event and allows them to cheer for their team together.
  4. If problems arise during a meet, you should first talk with the coaches. They will then discuss any issues or concerns with our FMST Tean Representative. The Team Rep is the only person from FMST allowed to discuss issues with the officials or other team rep. As a general rule, parents should never approach the starting official, the stroke and turn judges, the other team’s coach, or the other team’s representative at any time during the meet. 
  5. Finally, we ask that all swimmers attend Saturday home A meets regardless of if they are swimming. Cheering support for the team provides an outstanding way to encourage and support the team and your teammates. 

Swimming Up

On rare occasions, you may note on a meet sheet that a swimmer is not swimming in an event according to their actual age. Occasionally, we will “swim up” a swimmer, which means that the swimmer will swim with older swimmers. This may be done because there are empty lanes in the event or to maximize the team’s potential for a win. Swimmers or their parents will be contacted before a swimmer is asked to age up. If a swimmer is asked to age up in any event during an “A” meet then they are ineligible to swim the same event at their actual age group. 


In the individual events, a first place finish earns 5 points for the team, a second place 3 points and a third place finish 1 point. Relays are scored as 10 points for the winner and 0 points for the loser. There are 444 points that a team can accumulate in a meet. Unless there are one or more places not awarded in an event due to DQs , ties, or lack of swimmers, you need 223 points to win.

If there is a tie in an event, the points for the places involved are equally split among the swimmers. For example, a two-way tie for second place, each swimmer earns 2 points (3 points for second plus 1 point for third equals 4 points, half for each swimmer). No third place would be awarded because the next swimmer is fourth.