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Welcome to the 2017 Squids Season!

posted May 6, 2017, 4:56 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated May 6, 2017, 4:56 AM ]

Dear Squids,


Welcome! For those of you who are new to the Fort Myer Swim Team, my name is Stephanie and I am the head coach. For the new and old squid parents, the first week of practice, we will have a “parent information session” on Friday, June 2 between the junior and intermediate practice at 4:50pm. I encourage returning and new parents to attend this session! Anyway, this will be my first year HEAD coaching! Last year, I was an assistant coach and I’m very excited for my new role with the team. Fair warning: This will be a long note. It also may get a little repetitive. I am apologizing in advance!


FMST is one of the many teams in the Colonial Swim League. In the CSL, there are four divisions: Red, White, Blue, and Gold. We are now in the White Division. The White Division will be filled with new opportunities of greatness. Now regardless of what division we are in, I still have very high expectations of this team!!


I have the same expectations for every squid:

  • Always be respectful of your teammates
  • Come to meets even if you aren’t swimming in them – the support really means a lot to the squids swimming.
  • Once you are at the meet, STAY! Staying until the end shows even more support. No other sport lets players leave games in the middle of the game!!! Swimming should be no different. Could you imagine if Tom Brady in the middle of the Super Bowl this year!?! Or Ovechkin during the playoffs? Bryce Harper during an intense Nats game? Serena Williams left mid match?!  This list could continue but please, swimming is no different. Please stay until the end.
  • Have good team spirit. If there is a theme, please dress accordingly. I will be. Please don’t let me embarrass myself by being the only one wearing a tiara at 6am in the morning!
  • Wear your team suits and caps at regular season swim meets (more on that later)
  • Most importantly, have fun!


Even with this division change, we will still have a very competitive season. We will be working hard this summer but having fun while doing it. I am excited to delight in all of your squid excellence this summer.


For the most part, we are a very email-oriented team. Make sure you add our group name to your contacts so they don’t end up in spam. The address is: Please Note: Replies to this email will only send back to the original sender, not the whole group.


Also it is very important that you sign up for “Rained Out”. It is a text message service. Please text SQUID to 84483. This is an easy way stay up-to-date on which events are cancelled. You may also call or text me at 703-203-2586 (but please only text or call in case of emergency) or the pool 703-522-5932.


We also have a very nice website. Mark Tramontozzi works very hard to keep our website ( updated. It is VERY informative. If you have any questions about events, you can look at the calendar. It lists all the key events/meets during the season.


Now back to talking about emails. Please be sure to check your email regularly for any and all FMST updates. These emails will have the meets/practice line ups, as well other important information. Please email me your availability. If you are going to be at the beach for three weeks PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I think that worked really well last year with Leanne. It helps us make a more efficient meet line up.


I would now like to introduce the coaching staff for this year. As most of you know, I swam with Fort Myer. I also swam NCAP and in college at Towson/UMBC. I will be a recent college graduate from UMBC by the first practice. If you ever need to reach me, my email is I will list it again. 703-203-2586. Please only use this for emergencies. Emergency examples: Late to a swim meet, you are sick and can’t make it to practice, you got in an accident on the way to practice, etc. I'm very big on communicating. As you all will find out from all the emails I will send. BUT please do not over do it with using my personal number. 


This year Bridget Rackauskas will be joining us. You may remember her from last year. She helped out a lot and is a squid parent! She will be the main assistant coach. Abby Fry and Julie Blaharski will be returning. They will be working with the developmental groups. BUT do not be surprised if you see us changing roles. For example, some days I may be working with the developmentals and Julie working with the older squids.  I want every squid to feel comfortable with every coach. We are all there to make you the best swimmer you can be. That will be done with input from EVERY coach not just me. The four of us will be working together to help every squid succeed.


Swim Meets:

  1. Lineups for A meets will be sent out by Thursday
  2. We are a team. Come to the meet dressed in the team suit. No Team Suit – No swim. Same with caps. Caps can be purchased for $10 at any time during the seam. No exceptions for regular A and B meets. For Divisionals and All-Stars, fast suits (fast skins, lzrs, etc) are permitted. This year's team suit is Nike! It can be bought at Sport Fair. Like Chris said in his welcome email, if last year’s FMST suit fits, wear it. This does not mean any old FMST suit. Just last year's. I should not see anyone wearing FMST suits from when I was on the team. If special arrangements are needed, contact me or a board member. See our team web site about getting suits at Sports Fair.
  3. Themes – Every swim meet will have a theme. I would like the swimmers to come dressed up for the theme. We will take pictures of everyone dressed up before warm-ups! A schedule of the themes will be sent out at a later time. 
  4. Big Brother/Big Sister. We will be assigning all squids 12 and U a BIG on the team. I have attached an overview of the program. I will be sending out the big little information. We will do a big little revealing!

 A Meets: They are on Saturday mornings. Not everyone will swim in A meets. Again, even if you aren’t swimming (especially if the meet is at Fort Myer) please come. I will do my best to make sure that squids get to swim in at least one A meet.


A Meet Schedule:

  • A Meet #1: June 24, 2017 FM@AKC
  • A Meet #2: July 1, 2017 FM@SRF
  • A Meet #3: July 8, 2017 FM vs C @ FM
  • A Meet #4: July 15, 2017 FM vs MG @ FM
  • A Meet #5: July 22, 2017 FM@ ABF
  • Divisionals: July 29, 2017 @ AKC
  • All Stars: August 5, 2017 @ TBD

 B Meets: The B meets are on Wednesday evenings. Everyone is eligible to swim, expect in events that you placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at the prior Saturday meet. As well as 8&unders. 8&unders will have to get permission from the coaching to sign up for fly or breast. We will require that all B meet swimmers sign up in advance for what events they would like to swim at the upcoming Wednesday meet. Swimmers will have until 12 pm on Tuesday to sign up for events. If you have an extenuating circumstance and miss sign up, email me asap.


We will print cards only for those swimmers who signed up. In the past, an older squid has helped out. So again EVEN IF YOU AREN’T SWIMMING COME TO MEETS! I strongly believe in T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More. Together, as a squid family, we can help on another to becoming the best team we can be. 

B Meet Schedule:

  • B Meet #1 June 28, 2017 FM@GC
  • B Meet #2 July 5, 2017 FM vs SAR @ FM
  • B Meet #3 July 12, 2017 FM vs BAR @ FM
  • B Meet #4 July 19, 2017 FM @ AKC
  • FAMILY FUN MEET: August 2, 2017

 Themes for all meets will be sent out at a later time. Again, please let me know if you can’t make a meet. 


Swim Practice Info:

There are three separate practice times. Like last year, there will be a series of developmental groups for the younger swimmers on the team. They will be in lane six during each of the practices. Everyone else is in Junior, Intermediate, or Senior practice groups. The squids have been divided up by age and ability. For the developmental groups, those may change. Coach Abby will send updates on that.


From the first practice MAY 30, 2017 to JUNE 23, 2017 practices will be…

  • Juniors and Developmental 1 and 2: 4-4:50pm
  • Intermediate and Developmental 3 and 4: 5:00-5:50pm
  • Seniors and Developmental 5 and 6: 6:00-6:50pm


We will then switch to morning practices starting MONDAY JUNE 26, 2017

  • Seniors and Developmental 5 and 6: 7-7:50 am
  • Intermediate and Developmental 3 and 4: 8:00-8:50 am
  • Juniors and Developmental 1 and 2: 9:00-9:50 am


Also please note, no parents are allowed on deck during practices.


I will be sending out practice group allocations in a few days, remember very email oriented swim team.


Thank you so much for reading this very long email. Please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone May 30th!


Fort Myer Swim Team,
May 6, 2017, 4:56 AM