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Become an official for FMST! Earn all your volunteer points!

posted Apr 17, 2017, 4:10 PM by Mark Tramontozzi
Dear Parents,
I know many of you haven't been on the team for long, but it doesn't take much training to become an official for the team. As our oldest swimmers have graduated out, so have their parents and we are in need of people to help make the meets run. 

I have been both a Stroke & Turn official and a Starter, so here is a quick summary of what that means:
Stroke & Turn - these are the officials who stand at the pool side on both ends of the pool. They are checking to be sure the swimmer's stroke is legal. The training for this steps you through all of the info you need to understand to be able to determine if a swimmer is legal. You do not need to have been a swimmer in your past. All you need is the training (and a good pair of polarized sun glasses helps). You'll have a little rule book to refresh your memory before each meet and you'll be briefed by the head official at the beginning of each meet to go through it. Training dates & times are below. 
Starter - this is the official who announces which race we are doing and pushes the start button. This is a great position. However, you need to have been Stroke & Turn for at least 1 year before being a Starter. Training dates & times are below.

If you will be a returning official or plan on training to be a new official, please email our Team Rep, Erik Kenny ( soon. It will help with our planning!

Also, returning officials - keep track of whether this is a year you need to refresh your certification. Even if this isn't your refresh year, it is always good to refresh anyway. Sometimes the rules change a bit.

Allegra M Jabo
FMST Treasurer