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2017 Squid Season Welcome

posted Apr 2, 2017, 7:30 PM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Apr 2, 2017, 7:31 PM ]
 Dear Fort Myer Swim Team Families,
Returning and new families, welcome to the 2017 Fort Myer summer swim season. We are looking forward to another exciting season of improving times, perfecting stroke technique and of course FMST camaraderie.
First order of business, I am excited to announce Stephanie Romano as our new Head Coach. She was a Squid for many years, was the Koran Award recipient, was assistant FMST coach last season and has just finished her elementary education program at University of Maryland Baltimore County. She will be joined by Squid mom, Bridget Rakauskas. Abby Fry and Julie Blaharski are returning members of the coaching staff.
As new or returning members of the FMST it is imperative that you familiarize yourselves with all rules and regulations of being an active member of the swim team. Things change from year to year and it is the responsibility of parents of swimmers to know the expectations before registering.With that said please read the following information carefully.
Parent Responsibility:
Read the website, review the bylaws ( and then if something is still unclear, please ask questions. Since all of us have full time jobs, it is very difficult to respond to emails during the week,when most questions arise. We will have a new parent information session early in the season, and I encourage you all to speak with board members who will be present during the first week of practice in person.
Patton Club Membership: (Please read carefully!)
Rumors had circulated last year that membership rules may change to allow non-eligible members on the swim team to become a pool member. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. If you are eligible to join the Patton Club, you must join the Club AND the pool, in order to join the swim team. All fees related to joining the Club and pool are separate from swim team registration fees. You will be asked to provide your pool number during the registration process.
We are only allowed 10% of non-eligible Patton Club member families, so if you are wait-listed as a non-eligible family, that is why. This is not a swim team rule, this is a Patton Club regulation written into our Memorandum of Agreement. Those 10% that are non-club eligible will pay a separate$25 fee per swimmer.
Registration opens to returning families Monday, April 3. We have sent an the link via the FMST Google Groups. Once registration opens for all families, this link will be posted to the web site.
Team Suit and Cap Enforcement (see bylaws):
We are a team, therefore, a team uniform is required. A Fort Myer navy blue logo-ed suit and cap is the expectation for A and B meets.Coaches have the discretion to prevent any child from swimming an event while out of uniform. An exception for “Fast” suits will be made for the Divisional and All-Star meets.
New suits (Nike) were selected this year, and can be purchased at Sport Fair in Arlington ( Now, this does not mean that you must run out and buy a new suit. If last year’s FMST suit fits, wear it. Hand the older siblings’ suit down or work out a swap with another family. If special arrangements are needed for your child, financial or otherwise, please contact a board member. Caps can be purchased for $10 any time during the season.

Finally, a few personal notes. People have often asked me how did you get to be President of a swim team, and I jokingly respond, “I asked the wrong question at the wrong time.” That question? “How do I get more involved?”
I began my volunteering as Secretary, moving to Vice President,and finally President of the 2016 swim season. This will be my final season serving as a board member. It is time to step down from the board, to allow some other parents to step up, to provide new ideas, leadership and energy. Our current VP,Dawn England, and longtime Secretary, Kathy Jackson, have also decided to join the ranks of the “retired” at the end of the 2017 swim season. I want to thank all the board members who have served with me, and all the Social Chairs that have spent countless hours planning for the seasons over the years. So, you can see that three of the four board positions will need to be filled. Express your interest early, so you can learn about, and hopefully receive some training for these positions. To sum it up, we need a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary for the 2018 season. Our current Treasurer, Allegra Jabo, will stay on another season, or more. Elections are held during our Banquet, after the regular season ends.
Sorry for all that administrative stuff, we do have fun on this team. After all, that is what summer is all about. Team picnic, pancake breakfast and bowling, Tye-dye t-shirts, family fun meet, and the ever so coveted Squid Banquet are just some of the fun that awaits.
Looking forward to seeing you on deck.
Chris Spranger
FMST President