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FMST Coach information

posted May 30, 2016, 12:52 PM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Apr 2, 2017, 7:14 PM by Mark Tramontozzi ]

FMST Families,

Coach intro

Please refer to the following link for an introduction of the swim coaching staff. (


Parent information session

This week I will be providing a "parent information session" on Friday evening from 1700 hrs. This will be located near the food outlet under the green shelter. I encourage returning and new parents to attend this session.


Apparel / Equipment

Please ensure your swimmer(s) has the following:

  • Training Swimsuit – all swimmers should have a swimsuit suitable for training. Board shorts and bikinis (unless it is a race bikini) are not suitable.
  • FMST Swimsuits – are available solely from Sport Fair, 5010 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207 The staff at Sport Fair will be able to assist you when you let them know you are swimming with Fort Myer. Please ensure you child tries the swimsuit on before you purchase the swimsuit because once the FMST logo has been added, you cannot return the swimsuit. Wearing suits from a previous year is ok if it is in good condition. Please do not wear FMST suits during training - we need to keep these looking good for competitions.
  • Swim cap – all children with hair longer than about one inch should be wearing a swim cap in practice and in competition. If Parents struggle to get the swim cap on the swimmer, have the children approach a coach before getting in the pool and we will put the swim cap on.
  • Goggles – all children should have two pairs of tinted swim googles and one pair of clear goggles. Clear goggles are for evening B meets. Please ensure the goggles are suitable for competition swimming (key features include small eye pieces, dual strap and easily adjusted strap). I use Speedo Junior Vanquisher 2 for my children, but any similar pair of goggles is acceptable. If you already have googles, don’t rush out and buy new goggles. Wait to see if your child can repeatedly dive into the pool without the goggle falling off.
  • Fins (optional) – fins are not required for the younger swimmers (7 & under).    


FMST Website

Mark Tramontozzi has done an excellent job putting the website together and it contains lots of valuable information ( Please take the time to go through the website to find answers to your questions. In particular, review the Calendar on the website as it lists all the key events/meets during the season.


Training Times (31 May – 24 Jun)

Afternoon training commences on Tuesday, 31 May 16 and finishes on 24 Jun 16. Morning training commences on 27 Jun 16. The afternoon training times and training groups were sent out via Google Groups.


First week of training

Due to the cooler water temperature, we will be minimizing the time the children are in the water during the first week of training. As such, there will be a lot of land based drills as well as time trials conducted. These time trials serve the following purposes:

-          It helps the coaches appropriately allocate swimmers into training groups.

-          It helps the coaches identify areas to focus during training.

-          It provides a baseline time, so the coaches and each swimmer can monitor progress throughout the season.

Parents will be asked to assist during the time trials (currently scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday this week).


How Parents can help

  1. Please have swimmers arrive on time for their lessons and with the appropriate equipment. I understand for the 4:00pm training session that this is difficult due to school dismissal time; so I ask you to bring them as expeditiously as possible.
  2. Attendance at all practices. The summer swim season is intense but it is also relatively short. For your child to get the most out of the swim season, please plan to attend all scheduled practices.
  3. I provide a strong focus on correct stoke technique and as such, my coaching staff will provide continual feedback to the children. It is important that the children do not view this as being disciplined. Help your child understand that if a coach provides feedback, this is a positive aspect because we want to help them get faster in the water.
  4. For a smooth practice, it is important for the children to listen. Please remind your children to be respectful of the coaching staff and listen carefully to their instruction.


See you at the pool!