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Last Home Meet, Senior Sendoff, Picture, Gear, and Next Week!

posted Jul 19, 2015, 7:21 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jan 23, 2016, 9:24 AM ]
Hi Squids!
I can’t believe that our last regular season meet is upon us! My how time flies when you’re singing…I mean, swimming, in the rain… :)
As a reminder, we are going to aim to hold our annual three-pool relay this Friday. We typically try to get all the kids involved and hold it when the two older kids practice overlap (it’s sort of hard for the little guys/8&Us to manage and we’ll do their own fun relay during their practice). We will aim to have the three pool relay begin around 8am. So if you are in the 9/10 and 11/12 practice, please plan on arriving early on tomorrow (around 745am or so). AAC swimmers from the team that practices in the 50 meter pool during our practice times, does the relays with us too – just a heads up.
SATURDAY A MEET vs South Riding AT Fort Myer
The lineup for this week has been sent out via team Google Group. A few things to note – first up, we are doing something different for exhibitions. We will be swimming exhibitions in Free and Breast for 8&U, 9/10, and 11/12! Cool, huh? Since it’s our last meet, its at home, and it’s not supposed to rain (please keep your fingers crossed!) I have also included some exhibition relays to get more kids in the meet. 
If you aren’t able to make the meet and you see your Squid is slated to swim, let me know ASAP so I can give another Squid the chance! Should be a fun and exciting finish to our season!
Please arrive no later than 645am. Theme is 80s! This is your coaches very favorite theme of the season – get your most radical 80s attire out and be ready to show it off.

Our theme photo will be at 650am and warmups will begin at 7am.
Again, as is the FMST tradition, we will be honoring our graduating seniors at our last home meet this weekend. We ask that everyone bring some flowers (either from your garden or from a store – whatever works) to be contributed to a large bouquet for our ONE senior, Mariah Bowman. Also, if you are one of her “littles” this year or from previous years, we will ask you to come down on deck to help us send her off. We will do this before the meet begins, so if you aren’t slated to swim, but want to ensure you get to cheer Mariah off, please plan to be there by 750am.
Our team picture will be on Saturday following the conclusion of the meet. If you aren’t swimming/able to come for the meet, the picture will probably get underway around 11am or so. Please plan to arrive around 1030am so we can get things underway.
If you ordered FMST Gear all the orders have come in. Mrs. St. Pierre will be in the parking lot before/during warmups of the meet this Saturday for pick up. She will also be at practice tomorrow if you want to check in with her then instead.
PRACTICE SCHEDULE for Divisionals and All Stars
As a reminder, tomorrow is our last regular season practice. Kids swimming in Divisionals will be required to attend practice and our practice times will shift a bit. You can expect that if your swimmer typically swims in Saturday A Meets, they will likely be in Divisionals. We plan to get that lineup out over the weekend (obviously, no later than Sunday night), so please let me know if you aren’t available for the Divisionals meet.
Divisionals practices will be held:
7am – 815am, ages 13 and older
815am – 915am, ages 12 and under
*again, only kids swimming in Divisionals should attend, as practices will be geared more towards that ability level.
Also, as a reminder, only kids who swim in Divisionals are able to qualify for the All Star meet – that qualification is earned by your place in the Divisionals meet. After all four of the Divisional meets are completed, the league will rack and stack the results and kids who placed in the top 15 or so (sometimes more) qualify for the All Star meet. No earlier/previous times can count for All Stars – only your swim/times from the Divisionals meet that year.
All Star Practice will be held:
730am – 830am
NEXT WEDNESDAY – Family Fun Meet, July 22
More info to follow, but just a reminder that next Wednesday will be our family fun meet. I think I may need to find some of my old swimmers to stand in as my “family members” to ensure I WIN the relay against the Dads this year! Jay DeLancey is back in town and I may even be able to get a few older swimmers of mine too… just saying! :)
Come one, come all and be ready to swim with your family and friends – for bragging rights and for fun!

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Banquid! If you aren’t able to make the event, you may want to coordinate with a friend/neighbor to pick up your swag bags. They include the annual team gift, picture, and any extra ribbons that were missed.  
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns - just let me know!
Coach Kristina