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Swim Meet #2 - Lineup and Some Info

posted Jul 19, 2015, 7:07 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jan 23, 2016, 9:28 AM ]
Hi Squids!
I had a TON of fun at the meet on Wednesday – hope you did too. Some great swimming, awesome cheering, and all-around good time! Thanks to everyone who stayed till the bitter end and participated in the team cannonball show.

Just a reminder I will not be at the meet on Saturday – Coach Dani is in charge! Be the awesome and helpful Squids, like I know you are! Second, please let me know ASAP if you see yourself listed in the lineup and aren’t available.
Finally, this is our first home A meet and we ask that all team members attend, even if they aren’t swimming. Non-swimmers can arrive around 8am to be part of the Cheering Squid Squad. Also, always have your suit, cap, and goggles with you when you come to a meet – even if you aren’t slated to swim. You never know when something might come up and we need someone to step in and fill a slot (this happened at our first meet even - thanks Ryan Malatesta!).
I sent out via team Google Group the list of Big/Little since some of you weren’t sure of names. If you need help, come see a coach (before or after, not during) at practice or a meet and we’ll help introduce you. Please note that the blacked out lines on the lineup mean folks are not in town – so if your Big or Little isn’t around, it may just be that they are on vacation!
I sent out via team Google Group the lineup for our meet on Saturday. There are still a few undecided age groups on the boys side waiting on if folks are available. Once we know the updates on availability, we’ll get this updated. Another lineup will go out tomorrow with any changes, if needed.
As I mentioned before, when both teams agree, we are able to run ‘exhibition’ heats for free and back. This week we will NOT have 6&U exhibitions (since we usually have those each week), however we WILL have 8&U, 9/10, and 11/12 exhibitions in free and back. Super exciting since those are large age groups for us! Again, this is just a fun, less stressful way for some of our new or younger swimmers to get a chance to be at a Saturday meet. Again, if you see your child is slated to swim and you will NOT be at the meet, please let me know ASAP. 

SATURDAY A MEET INFORMATION – AT Ft. Myer – please arrive at 645am.
We are swimming Cascades this week. Please arrive at 645am for warm-ups. Parents helping with pool set up, please arrive at 630am - our goal is to have the pool set up before everyone starts arriving. Visiting teams leave very early and allot extra time to get onto Post - as such, sometimes they are there in their entirety before most of our team arrives. As the host, I'd prefer for us to be all set up/ready to go and welcoming them!

Our warmups will start at 7am (or a tad earlier). If you are not present by the end of warmups, we will remove you from the meet. Once we make a change to remove a swimmer, we will not reverse it. Just so you know the rationale, there are limits to what changes are allowed to be made the day-of a meet. So, unfortunately, once we make shifts and merge the lineups between to the two teams we will always try to not make any additional changes. 
Our THEME for the meet is ROYALTY! Please come dressed in your most fancy, royal attire ye fine ladies and gentleman of the Fort Myer kingdom.I can't wait to see the pictures! And don't worry (I know you were concerned!), I am passing my full-sequined high heels on to Squid Princess Gina of House DeLancey to ensure they are still part of the our meet...they haven't missed a Royalty day in TEN YEARS!
Finally, our team expectation (unless you have an extenuating circumstance) is that EVERYONE stays until the last relay is swum. As with last week, meet outcome are usually determined by the last relays so the more squids we have cheering, the better! It’s a super exciting way to finish out the meet too. 

If you have any questions, just let me know!
Coach Kristina