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Lots of Info - Meet Week 1

posted Jun 17, 2015, 2:42 PM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jan 23, 2016, 9:24 AM ]
Hi Squids!
Hope you’re week is off to a great start! I am very much looking forward to our meet this weekend – can’t wait to get the season off to a great start! Lots of info again (I promise these get shorter)… stay with me!

Typically, you will receive two emails from me each week – one early in the week with info for the Wednesday B meets, Saturday meet general info, practices updates, social events, etc. Then a second email will go out Friday mornings (at the latest) with info about the Saturday meet and the lineup. Just keep an eye out for them each week. Also, please be sure you check the lineup even if you are out of town. With as many kids as we have, we may make mistakes (crazy, I know!) on tracking absences. Just flag that for me if it happens, as soon as you can. Appreciate your help on that!
First up, since I ask you to report your absences, I am reporting mine. On Saturday, June 27th I will not be at our swim meet – only the second meet I’ve ever missed in 10 years! One of my friends from home is getting married out of state and I am in the wedding. Second, please let me know ASAP if you have any upcoming meets you’ll miss – this is super important as it relates to A meets so we know who is available to swim and who isn’t. This directly impacts our lineup development.
The list of Big/Little was attached to an email sent our via the FMST email list. We are aiming to make introductions for those not at the picnic this week so on that note – little ones, if you are able to stay after your practice, you can meet your Bigs. Most of them start practice at 6pm. Bigs – if you could aim to arrive early for the rest of this week to meet your little’s that would be great! As a reminder, NO gifts are allowed. This is about spending time and supporting one another. You are welcome to bring posters to hang or hand-made cards for your Big or Little.
As noted previously, we have a ‘theme’ for each meet. The list of themes can be found here on our web site. This week’s theme is Yacht Club/Preppy! Come dressed in your preppiest attire and be ready to set sail on the FMST Yacht!
When both teams agree, we are able to run ‘exhibition’ heats for free and back (usually in the 6&U and 8&U age groups). We will always try to take advantage of this, when we can, and give more kids an opportunity to swim in a Saturday meet.

For those parents that are new, exhibition events don’t count for points towards the meet, but their times will count for our team time list. So really, this is just a fun, less stressful way for some of our new or younger swimmers to get a chance to be at a Saturday meet. This is also why letting us know your schedule, whether you think you have a ‘Saturday Swimmer’ or not is important! We will try to make decisions for our away meets that will be less stressful on families – basically, we will try to have families who have multiple kids swimming do exhibition and not ask someone to drive to South Riding at 6am for their little one to swim one lap of freestyle. :)
If a swimmer has a gray line following their name it means they are not slated to swim in the meet. If there is a black line following their name it means they are absent (this is good to note for bigs/littles). If an event is in red for a swimmer it means they are swimming ‘up’ in another age group for that specific event only.
Again, if you see your child is slated to swim and you will NOT be at the meet, please let me know ASAP. We are only allowed a specific number of changes once we get to the meet – so the sooner the better. Finally, there are two tabs in the excel sheet, one for boys and one for girls.

SATURDAY A MEET INFORMATION – AT Ashburn Village, arrive by 8am (they begin meets at 9am, not 8am like usual).
We are swimming Ashburn Village Aqua Jets this week.
Please arrive at 8am for warm-ups. Our warmups will start, likely around 8:15/8:30am. Please be sure to allot enough time to get there. If you are not present by the end of warmups, we will remove you from the meet. Once we make a change to remove a swimmer, we will not reverse it.
The pool is located at:
44078 Cheltenham Circle
Ashburn, VA 21047
Also, there is not another sport that would typically allow a team member to leave a game or match when they are done hitting/playing/running/etc. Swimming is no exception. I know the meets can be long, but we are a team and the expectation (unless you have an extenuating circumstance) is that EVERYONE stays until the last relay is swum. Typically, our meet win or loss result comes down to the last relays so the more squids we have cheering, the better!
Again this year, FMST will be using Meet Mobile, an app for Apple and Android devices, to post results from swim meets as they are getting scored during the meet. This app allows you to follow favorite swimmers, view heat sheets, and get real-time updates to scores. Parents will have to download the app (I believe there is a cost now). More info here on our site.
Our plan is to use this app for both A meets and B meets. Because we will need to get concurrence from the other teams, this feature may not be available at every swim meet. Please note that parents will have to search for the specific name of the meet. We will try to send out this information prior to each meet.

Each week you will need to sign up for the events that your swimmer is interested in swimming via the active web portal.
We may not do IMs at B meets as that is dependent on time, but sign up if you are interested. On that note, all 8 and Under swimmers must have permission to do the IM, Fly, and Breast events. You can sign up and we will review before the meet to give approvals, if needed. Also, this year, CSL is changing the order of the strokes at each B meet to ensure that the later event strokes are able to be swum. The first meet will be regular meet order, the second will start with Back, the third with Breast, etc. IMs will remain last.
Each swimmer will be allowed to swim three events plus IM (if we are able to get them in with timing) for the Wednesday meet. We are using a new system to register for events for B meets. You should have received an email last night inviting you to the portal. Here are the instructions (the link will be the same each week). Please ensure you have your squid signed up no later than 5pm, the Tuesday before the meet.
-          Navigate to the parent swim portal (
-          Login to the swim portal with the email address that was used to register your swimmer
-          Click "View Meets" at the top of the page
-          At the top of the page, you will see upcoming meets listed
-          Click "Attending" and this will show available events
-          Check the boxes for the events that your swimmer will swim
-          Click "Save" to save  your settings
For all HOME B meets, please arrive by 4:30pm. We will warm up and aim to get the meet started no later than 5/5:30pm.
More info on the meet next week to follow.

We are moving to morning practices on Monday. As a reminder, the start time is when we will get IN the pool, not when you should arrive.

Our schedule is as follows:
7am – 815am, 13 and older. There will be no dryland this year. If you want to work out with the coaches (who will be working out/running prior, chat with us).
815am-915am, 9/10 and 11/12 (this practices switches to the last time slot on Tues/Thurs, from 9-10am).
915am-10am, 8 and Under (this practice switches to the middle time slot on Tues/Thurs, from 815am-9am).

*There is NO 8 and Under practice on Wednesday's when we have a B meet. If your swimmer is a usual A meet swimmer in non-exhibition events, they can practice on Wednesday with the 9/10 practice. So on Wednesday’s we run practice from 7am – 815am (oldest kids) and from 8:15am – 9:15am (8 and under A meet swimmers, 9/10 and 11/12).

If you have any questions, just let me know!
Coach Kristina