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posted Jun 26, 2017, 1:57 PM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 1:57 PM ]

Calling all SQUIDS!!

Join us this coming Thursday morning (7:30am - 10:30am), June 29 for a TIE DYE PARTY! After each age group practice we will be tie dying
t-shirts. We'll create your masterpieces up by the snack bar! We will supply the dye, but you'll need to bring your own t-shirt.

Please bring a white cotton t-shirt to practice tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning with your name written in permanent marker on the tag. You can leave your t-shirt on the coaches table.

We'll soak the t-shirts beforehand, so that the color will be more vibrant, last longer and be ready for adding the dye!

If any parents are able to help out after your child's practice that would be fantastic! If you cannot participate after your practice time, than you are welcome to come before your practice time!

See you all Thursday morning! Looking forward to it!
Maureen McDonough

Recap of AKC / Reminder to sign up for B Meet this week

posted Jun 26, 2017, 4:02 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 4:02 AM ]

Good Evening Squids!!!

Warning: This is another long message. 

What a great way to kickoff the 2017 season with a win at AKC! I am so proud of how we finished. There were many best times and wins on Saturday. Many of the squids are already league leaders. This includes - Lila Sherman, Claire Mowery, and Nora Sherman!!! Congrats!

It has also delighted me to hear we received compliments from the AKC Clerk of Course staff. They called our Squids very polite and positive. Everyone should be very proud of themselves. I sent out the results via FMST listserv. Everyone should take a chance to look it over. Again, very proud of the squids.


Here is the schedule: 

Seniors and Dev. 5 and 6: 7-7:50 am 
Intermediate and Dev. 3 and 4: 8-8:50 am 
Junior and Dev. 1 and 2: 9-9:50 am 

Moving on to Wednesday's B-Meet now. The theme is Crazy Hats. It will be held at the Glen Cove Pirate's pool. I know Dawn England has already put the address in the last email but here it is again - 5471 Brigantine Way, Fairfax, VA 22032. It is a 25 yard pool! So the times will be faster than our meter times! We should park in the pool lot. Overflow parking is available along Brigantine Way and Zion Drive. 

If you plan on swimming - You must sign-up your swimmer by noon on Tuesday if you wish for your swimmer to participate. Please note the following for selecting events for the B meets:
  1. If you placed first, second, or third in the event on Saturday, you may NOT swim the event in the B meet
  2. You can only pick a maximum of 3 regular events + IM
  3. 8u swimmers must get approval from coach to swim IM, fly, or breast
To sign-up for the B-Meet, follow these instructions:
  1. Login to Swim Portal with the email used to register your swimmers (https://swimportal.active.com/?a=283358602)
  2. Click the tab on the top menu called "View Meets"
  3. Scroll down to B-MEET FM@GC
  4. For each swimmer, click Attending or Not Attending option
  5. If Attending, click the boxes next to the events you want to swim
  6. Click Save button
Go Squids! Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow bright and early!!!!

Coach Stephanie

Spirit Wear is in!!!!!

posted Jun 26, 2017, 3:59 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 3:59 AM ]

Spirit Wear is in!!!!! 

Please pick up your items at this week's B-Meet.  Melanie Devoe will have the items with her.  If you can't make this pick- up, please contact me at juliehanlonbolton@yahoo.com.  We can arrange another pick up time and location. 

Julie Hanlon Bolton
Spirit Wear Coordinator

Volunteer Sign-up: B Meet @GC 6/28

posted Jun 26, 2017, 3:58 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 3:58 AM ]

Just a reminder to sign up to volunteer at this weeks B-Meet.  You can use the following link to sign up: https://vmodcui.active.com/volunteer/jobs?eventGroupId=770104

Many asked me about the location on Saturday. Here is the address:

Glen Cove Pool
5471 Brigantine Way
Fairfax , VA , 22032

As always, thanks in advance for signing up to volunteer!  
Dawn England

Lost and Found - FM@AKC

posted Jun 26, 2017, 3:56 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 3:56 AM ]

Great meet!  Congratulations to all our swimmers!

I brought home 2 chairs that were left at the meet.  Please contact me if they belong to you.

Happy Summer!

Kathy Jackson

Action Required: Respond to the A meet invitation

posted Jun 26, 2017, 3:55 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 3:55 AM ]

Good Evening Squids,

I am very impressed with how our season has started. The team had an amazing time trial. I can’t believe two records have already fallen. 

Congratulations to Claire Mowery in breaking a 22 year old record in the 11-12 50 free and a 5 year record in the 11-12 100 IM. 

There were many other best times! Again, so proud of the squids so far! It was so fun to watch them all perform so well! There was also a lot of team spirit! All around a great meet.

I can’t wait for that to continue THIS SATURDAY (June 24th) at AKC for the FIRST A MEET! The theme will be PIRATES!!!!! Come dressed in your best eye patches and hooks!

Few reminders –

We are trying a new system for the A-Meets. Everyone has been sent an invitation for this coming Saturday. This was done to ensure we have everyone’s availability. Please respond to the invitation. It will make making the meet line up much easier. Thank you.

I will be sending out the line up Thursday. In that email, I will also include more information on when to arrive at AKC / what to expect. 

We have spoken with AKC and we will be having exhibition events in the 6 and under free and back AS WELL AS exhibition in 8 and under free, back, and breast. There will also be exhibition of 9-10 free, back, and breast! J

Can’t wait for Saturday! See everyone tomorrow at practice! Let me know if there are any questions!

Coach Stephanie

First A Meet 6/24 at AKC

posted Jun 26, 2017, 3:53 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 3:53 AM ]

What a great turn out we had for time trials this Saturday!  With all the volunteer help Time Trials ran smoothly.  A HUGE Thanks to all who volunteered.  

The first A meet is scheduled for this Saturday 6/24.  As you saw, it takes many volunteers to run a meet so if your child is swimming, please sign up to volunteer.  Coach Stephanie will finalize the lineup this week for those of you who are still wondering if your child is swimming.  If they are, please be sure to volunteer.  You can use the following link to volunteer:

Most points for this past Saturday have also been distributed, some who did multiple jobs or were asked to fill in, your points are still trying to be figured out, but don't worry, I know who you are and we will get it taken care of.  If you were a trainee for Stroke and Turn, you will get all points for the season once you are officially certified. 

Hope to see you all on deck this Saturday!  

Dawn England

Time Trials Information

posted Jun 16, 2017, 8:24 AM by Mark Tramontozzi   [ updated Jun 16, 2017, 8:24 AM ]

Good Morning Squids!

I can’t believe that time trials are TOMORROW! We have been working very hard these past few weeks. I am very excited to see how well everyone will swim.

Tomorrow, time trials will be run like a regular A meet minus the theme. Repeat no theme tomorrow. Come prepped to swim fast. A good way to do that is to get a good night sleep and eat a big pasta dinner tonight!

We are asking ALL SWIMMERS to arrive by 7 am. We will begin warm up at 7:15. The first group to warm up will be all squids ages 10 and under or any 11/12s who are new to swimming and don’t want to get run over by the big kids. The second group to warm up will be the 11 and up swimmers. PLEASE BE ON TIME! If you do not arrive by the time your warm up begins, you will be removed from the meet.

The meet will begin at 8 am.

Reminder: Please wear your team suit and cap. If you are not wearing a team suit and cap you will not swim.

We are also asking ALL VOLUNTEERS to please arrive by 6:30-6:45 so we can set up the pool J

After warm-ups, just like any other home meet, I would like all of the squids to go to the hill and do cheers. Yes, we are not swimming another team BUT this is good practice for real A meets. The 15-18s will lead the cheers per usual. I want to see A LOT of spirit and cheering tomorrow. The cheering doesn’t end after we do team cheers. If you are not swimming, you should be on the fence cheering on your fellow squids!!!!

After cheers, we will start passing out time cards. Again, 15-18s will help out with this. Example: They will call out 8 and unders swimming freestyle and then all of the swimmers with cards will go to clerk of course. Clerk of course is where the swimmers will be organized before they swim. It is in the grass past the gazebo. Please remind your swimmer not to destroy their time card. It makes it very difficult to write down their times on a wet, ripped card. Thank you in advance.

Please do not leave once you are done with your events. After time trials, we will be taking the team picture and having the team picnic! At the picnic, we will make big little introductions!!!! Wooo!!!

Get excited!!!!!

See everyone at practice today!
Coach Stephanie

Action required: Swimmer sign-up for Time Trails

posted Jun 14, 2017, 4:37 AM by Mark Tramontozzi   [ updated Jun 14, 2017, 4:37 AM ]

Hello parents,

Action is required, so please read this whole note!

It's tough to believe that the 2017 season is already here. Our first big event is Time Trials this weekend. Coach Stephanie will send along more info about Time Trials shortly.

In order for Time Trials to run smoothly, we ask that parents sign-up their swimmers for each event that they'll be swimming  this weekend. We always encourage our older swimmers to swim each event. Younger swimmers should consult with the coaches. 

You must sign-up your swimmer for Time Trials events by midnight Thursday  (6/15/17).

The order of events at Time Trials is Free, Back, Breast, Fly, and IM.

How to sign-up your swimmer for Time Trials races
To pick which events your swimmer would like to swim:
  1. Login to Swim Portal (https://swimportal.active.com/?a=283358602) using the email address that you used to register your swimmer (very important)
  2. At the top of the page, click "View Meets"
  3. Scroll down to "Time Trials@FM"
  4. Click the "Attending" round circle which will list all the events that your swimmer can swim
  5. Check the boxes next to all the events that you swimmer will swim
  6. Click the "Save" button
  7. Repeat for each of your swimmers

Calling on volunteers!
We will have some open jobs for Time Trials. Please use this link (https://vmodcui.active.com/volunteer/jobs?eventGroupId=743004) to sign-up for volunteer jobs.

Coach will be sending out logistics for Time Trials later this week. 

Go Squids!

Themes, Big Little Assignments, and Time Trials

posted Jun 10, 2017, 4:16 AM by Fort Myer Swim Team   [ updated Jun 10, 2017, 4:16 AM ]

Hello Squid Families!

Wow, I can’t believe we have finished the first two weeks of the season! The swimmers have been troopers through the cold weather and water. I am very proud of them. Hopefully, after this weekend, the water will warm up!

Now, I would like to share with everyone the themes for this year! Every meet (but Time Trials, the Family Meet, and All-Stars) will have a theme:
  • A Meet: FM@AKC: Pirates
  • B Meet: FM@GC: Crazy Hat
  • A Meet: FM@SRD: Red, White, and Blue to celebrate America’s Birthday 
  • B Meet: FM v. SAR: Royalty
  • A Meet: FM v. C: Tie Dye
  • B Meet: FM v. BAR: Neon
  • A Meet: FM v. MG: Hawaiian
  • Relay Carnival: Team Apparel
  • B Meet: FM@AKC: Wacky Tacky
  • A Meet: FM@ABF: Super Heroes and Villains
  • CSL Divisional: Team Apparel 

I will send out reminder emails of the themes and will remind the swimmers of them at practice as well. 

Next, I emailed out via FMST Google Groups Big and Little assignments. Please see this link on our web site about the guidelines to Bigs and Littles . We will have a big revealing of the Bigs and Littles at the Team Picnic after Time Trials. Please let me know if you have a conflict for time trials in order for me to set up a separate revealing of the Big Little for your swimmer. Do not worry - the swimmers will not be asked to do anything for Time Trials. I want them to show up and get excited to swim fast!!!!

I’d like to take this chance to talk a little bit about Time Trials (even though it is a week away)
Time Trials is similar to a regular meet. It is a great chance for ALL swimmers to experience how a meet is run and where everyone is on their times and strokes. Time Trials is also a great experience for PARENTS! You can begin racking up volunteer points!

All swimmers are required to swim at least two events (unless they are 6 and under)

For squids who are 8 and under, they will need to get permission to swim breast or fly. I would like all squids, 9 and over, to swim as many events as possible INCLUDING IM! The order of the meet is Free, Back, Breast, Fly, and IM – youngest to oldest within each stroke. There are cards printed for each swimmer, in each event. We will put out a call for swimmers by age and event.

I will be sending more information about Time Trials next week! If you have any questions about themes, Big Little assignments, or Time Trials, feel free to send me an email!

Coach Stephanie

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