About Us

Welcome to the Fort Myer Swim Team (FMST). Our team has a proud affiliation with Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and has been a part of the Post since 1961. By far, the most important goal of FMST is for every member to have fun. While swim meets are indeed a competitive event, it is most important that the kids have fun and enjoy their time at the pool. With that in mind, the Board drafted and approved the Fort Myer Swim Team mission statement.
“The Fort Myer Swim Team strives to instill an appreciation for the sport of swimming in our swimmers, their parents and our community through a summer program that promotes healthy competition, builds self-esteem, fosters friendship, and emphasizes fun.”

Other goals of the team include: Members of the team will become better swimmers through practice and instruction from the coaching staff; Swim team members will work as a team, supporting and encouraging each other to do their best; Swim team members will develop confidence as swimmers and competitors; and Swimmers and their families will treat coaches, fellow swimmers, and guests with respect.

Finally, being a member of a swim team involves a commitment from the swimmers. Your swimmer is expected to participate in practices and meets. The swim team involves a time commitment for another reason; our summer league is structured with an emphasis on the team as a whole. Any team is only as good as the people on it and their commitment to the team and every swimmer has a role to play on the team – some as cheerleaders, some with first place swims, some with great theme costumes, and some as helper coaches. Whatever their role, they directly contribute to the success of the team.

Our team colors are Red, White and Royal Blue. Our team mascot is the Squid.